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대사증후군 및 세포 신호전달 연구실
(Matabolic Syndrome and Cell Signaling Laboratory)



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Cancer Res. (2009) 69(8):3397-404 (IF= 7.543)
 cell  05-28
Piao L, Li Y, Kim SJ, Byun HS, Huang SM, Hwang SK, Yang KJ, Park KA, Won M, Hong J, Hur GM, Seok JH, Shong M, Cho MH, Brazil DP, Hemmings BA and Park J (2009) Association of LETM1 and MRPL36 contributes to the regulation of mitochondrial ATP production and necrotic cell death, Cancer Res. 69(8):3397-404 (IF= 7.543)
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