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대사증후군 및 세포 신호전달 연구실
(Matabolic Syndrome and Cell Signaling Laboratory)



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박지수박사님과 교수님 논문이 최종 Cell signaling에 Accept 되었습니다
 cell  09-16
미국 신시네티 대학에 있을때 시작한 박지수 박사님과 교수님 논문이
최종적으로 Cell Signaling 잡지에 Accept 되었습니다


2016-09-12 0:23 GMT+09:00 Cellular Signalling <n.j.pyne@strath.ac.uk>:
Ms. Ref. No.:  CLS-D-16-00353R1
Title: Involvement of S6K1 in mitochondria function and structure in HeLa cells
Cellular Signalling

Dear Prof. Jongsun Park,

A final disposition of "Accept" has been registered for the above-mentioned manuscript.

Kind regards,

Elsevier Editorial System
Cellular Signalling

Comments from the Editors and Reviewers:

Dear Dr Park

Your manuscript entitled 'Involvement of S6K1 in mitochondria function and structure in HeLa cells' has been accepted for publication in Cellular Signalling.  You will next hear from Elsevier Publishing regarding proofs etc.  Thank you for submitting this interesting paper to the journal.

Yours sincerely

Professor NJ Pyne

For further assistance, please visit our customer support site at http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/7923. Here you can search for solutions on a range of topics, find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about EES via interactive tutorials. You will also find our 24/7 support contact details should you need any further assistance from one of our customer support representatives.

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